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For translation, the rate depends on the type of document to be translated, the wordcount, the deadline, the context, the reference material, etc.

For proofreading, a hourly rate applies. The time it takes to proofread though depends on the quality of the translation and the degree of difficulty and specialization of the text. We will give you an estimate before we start the job.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a specific quote for your documents.

These are general rates for typical projects, but it should be understood that actual rates often vary depending on details such as the type of service, expertise required, minimum fees, type of client,etc.

Speed : 3,000 words a day.

This is an average speed per day, that we can guarantee. It takes into account the eventuality of sickness, family emergencies, Internet connection problems or other unexpected events.

In case you have a rush job though, this number can be flexible. For our agency, it probably means long hours or even work through the night, which is also why our rate tend to be higher for such jobs.

Interpretation / Facilitator / Liaison Services

P-j Translation Services Co.Ltd also offers a wide range of liaison / interpretation services :

  • Market entry research geared at SMEs and small growing tech oriented enterprises through direct interaction with Japanese potential partners/clients
  • Liaison, facilitation, trust building for first approach
  • Mission organisation and follow-up of your business in Japan
  • Acceleration of business interactions with current partners/prospects
  • Conflict management through direct dialogue with local partners

*Between Japanese and English, both ways, the price of one day translation is for 8 hours stay, 7 hours actual working hours.

Audio Transcription : 

P-j Transervices Co.Ltd also provides an Audio Transcript service but given that this type of service is a 1 rate service, the translation+trascription task is charged per minute and the price breakdown would be as follows :

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