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DVD / Documentary / Movie translation sub-tittles

Before we translate your DVD into another language, we need the original script in Microsoft Word. If you only have the video, we can transcribe the text into a file which we will then translate into the subtitles.

We work with an audio / video studio who will combine the final translation and sync each phrase second by second to the video for a seamless final presentation. The files can be provided in a digital format, DVD, or any other format which will work for your audience.

After the DVD subtitles are captured and placed on top of the video, we double-check everything to make sure the new language is correct against the original images. The translator and studio work together to ensure everything is correct.

Many times, it is easier if we put you in contact with the studio, provide the translation, work with the studio to make sure they have the translated text they need, and then let you work directly with the studio for the voiceovers. That way, we are not in the way adding to the timing and cost. Either way, here is the normal process for translating the scripts and providing the DVD subtitles on new video masters:

  • Time Codes.  Each video needs to be time coded so the subtitles appear on the screen at precisely the exact time the phrases and sentences are being spoken. Our production specialists review the video and script second by second so they know how many seconds each translated phrase or sentence can be on the screen.
  • Subtitle Translation.  Once the video and script has been timed out, the translators then translate the words in just the right amount of words per original voice so that the pace of the subtitles isn’t too hurried and matches the flow of the visuals on the screen.
  • Review / Edited.  Once the subtitles are completed and lined up with the original video, the final product is reviewed and edited so that the final product is very professional and is a pleasant experience for the end user.
  • Create Final DVD?  After our part is finished, then we need to know what to provide. Should we put the subtitle track on a DVD for you to integrate with your video? Will you give us the editable video files and we can place the subtitle track on top to create a new DVD to be used as a master?


Video transcript - subtitles for Chanel Japan (Jap --> Fr)

Video transcript - subtitles for Chanel Japan (Jap --> Fr)

Japanese sub-titles transcription for a French band DVD tour documentary.

French --> Arabic sub-tittles - caption using Aegisubs (September Clues documentary)

CM narration / translation ( Japanese / English / French / Spanish - curry rice shop).

Sub-titling a short-movie (Jap->Eng) " The Pay Phone ", directed by Matsumoto D,  screened at various locations in Japan.

Sub-titling a short-movie (Jap->Eng) " The Pay Phone ", directed by Matsumoto D,  screened at various locations in Japan.

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