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At P-j Transervices, we offer high quality translation services delivered in a timely manner.

 Types of Services


                                                 Types of Services

                                                 Types of Services



  • P-j Translation Services Co.Ltd  specializes mainly in IT and marketing, but also work in business and technical fields.
                                     Document types

                                     Document types

  • Equipment manuals | User instructions
  • User interfaces | Technical specifications
  • Documentation | Course material
  • Website content | Software strings
  • Business presentation slides | White papers
  • Online help


  • Macbook pro
  • (Lion / Mavericks)
  • PC (Windows 8)
  • Ubuntu


  • SDL Trados Suite 2007

  • SDL Studio 2009

  • SDL Studio 2014

  • Atril DejaVu X2

  • Microsoft Office 2010

  • Kilgray MemoQ 2013

  • Druide Antidote HD

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